Katherine Town Council

Dry Zone and Alcohol Restrictions


In an effort to reduce alcohol related harm and antisocial behaviour in Katherine, a number of alcohol supply reduction stategies have been introduced.

Public Restricted Area

In response to an application from Council, the NT Licensing Commission declared the area of Katherine within the town boundaries, a public restriced area.

From 21 January 2008 no-one can drink alcohol in a public place within the Katherine town boundary. Signs are located on the boundary of this area. To view the area please open the following PDF link.

Liquor Permits

Special occasions can still be celebrated with alcohol as long as you have a special events permit.

The organisers of events such as those listed below can apply to the Licensing Commission for a permit that allows alcohol to be consumed in a public restricted area during the event or function.

  • Public festivals
  • Community and sporting events
  • Weddings
  • Fundraising activities and street parties

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Special Event Permit


It is an offence to drink alcohol in a public restricted area without a permit.

Penalties for drinking alcohol without a permit include:

  • Removal of alcohol
  • a $100 fine
  • A maximum fine of up to $500 if the matter proceeds to court

Repeat offenders, people who receive multiple fines or are the subject of a number of complaints made to Police, may appear before the Magistrates Court and be referred to the Alcohol Court. A repeat offender can be placed on a prohibition order, or ordered into some form of rehabilitation, or both.

The Liquor Supply Plan

The purpose of the Liquor Supply Plan is to focus on products with a high alcohol content. Under this plan, the following measures came into effect on 21 January 2008.

Trading Hours

No change for the Katherine Township for non-takeaway sales and the current "light beer" restriction before 12.00pm.

Current takeaway trading hours for Katherine (no change to Pine Creek, Mataranka or Victoria River)

Monday to Friday 2pm to 8pm

Saturday and Public Holidays 12 noon to 8pm (excludes Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Sunday Hotels: 2pm to 8pm Stores: Closed

Cask wine and fortified wine

No sales of containers larger than two (2) litres.

Takeaway sales limited to the hours of 2:00pm to 6:00pm only, (includes Stones Green Ginger Wine).

Takeaway purchase of cask wine and fortified wine limited to one (1) two (2) litre cask or one (1) bottle fortified wine per person per day.

Taxi Drivers

No drive through takeaway sales to taxi drivers on duty.

In Pubs, Clubs and Shops

No purchased takeaway products to be kept at pubs, clubs or shops for later collection.

Camera Surveillance

To be installed and operated in the alcohol service areas of all store and takeaway licences.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

All staff serving alcohol must hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate within one month of starting employment or as soon as practicable after this time.

The Katherine Region

Takeaway conditions, except trading hours, to apply to all relevant premises in Katherine, Mataranka, Victoria River and Pine Creek.

Temporary Beat Locations (TBLs)

The Temporary Beat Locations (TBLs), now also known as Point of Sale Intervention (POSIs), have been introduced in an attempt to control the supply of takeaway alcohol in Katherine. The program places Police Officer outside of bottleshops, stopping people who intend to drink their takeaway grog in restricted areas.

The program accepts most common forms of photo ID such as driver's licences and passports. The system also accepts the NAJAA/KRALAS card, the 18+ card, as well as national identity cards from more than 50 countries.

The system was implemented on 18 December 2014.

Do you need ID?

You can obtain photo ID from the Motor Vehicle Registry office, or the North Australia Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA). Mission Australia can also help you with this process.

You may need a birth certificate before you can apply for other forms of ID. You can get an application from Births, Deaths and Marriages, but you will need to allow extra time for your application to be processed.

For more information, please call 8999 1800 or visit Department of Justice