Katherine Town Council

Dog Ownership & Registration

Dog Ownership & Information


Katherine Town Council has animal control By-Laws to ensure that dogs are cared for and kept safe by their owners. 

They also work to provide a happy and safe environment for the general public.

Dog Registration & Fees


Dog registration in Katherine is compulsory for all dogs over three (3) months of age.

The registration period is 1 July - 30 June.


When registering your dog for the first time, proof of desexing needs to be viewed by Council staff, (e.g. a certificate or letter from the vet).

Please refer to Katherine Town Councils Fees and Charges for costings


How Does the Council Deal with Barking Complaints?

Due to the extensive resources needed to deal with individual barking dogs, Council's policy is to advise the dog's owner that a complaint has been received and to send them an information package which should assist in addressing the problem.

Council staff will include their street on regular dog patrols to assess the situation. The person who lodged the complaint is advised of this action and it is recommended that they contact the dog owner to discuss the matter. Other options open to the complaints include contacting; "Barking Solutions" Phone: 1902 220 221 or take civil action against the owner of the barking dog.

The Pound

If your dog does end up a prisoner at the Katherine Dog Pound you may want to bail him/her out.

 Please refer to the Katherine Town Council Fees and Charges for costings


Dogs For Sale

Katherine Town Council regularly have dogs for sale from the pound where they have been found abandoned, handed in or picked up without identification by members of the public.

People are welcome to purchase the animals - for further information on finding a new family pet, including registration details please contact Council's Ranger on 08 8972 5500.

Don't let your new best friend be a Pound Puppy for too long!

Please note - the pound is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) by appointment only.


Haven't seen what your looking for? Check out this website for dogs looking for new homes around http://www.dogsacrossaustralia.com/ 

or www.telaf.wordpress.com - Top End Lost And Found (TELAF). This service is a free community service run from Darwin and aims to reunite as many animals with their owners as possible.