Katherine Town Council

Dog Ownership & Information


Katherine Town Council has animal control By-Laws to ensure that dogs are cared for and kept safe by their owners. 

They also work to provide a happy and safe environment for the general public.


If you have any questions or require any information regarding dogs, please don't hesitate to contact the Council Rangers on (08) 8972 5500. 


Dog Registration

  • It is compulsary in Katherine to register all dogs over three (3) months of age.
  • Dogs must be registered within the first three (3) months of living in Katherine.
  • Registration period is 1 July to 30 June.
  • Reduced rates apply for desexed dogs.
  • Persons with a valid brown pension card will also be given a concession.
  • Please note dog registrations cannot be transferred interstate.


Benefits of Dog Registration

  • If the dog is lost or impounded while wearing the tag the owner will be notified.
  • Owners will be notified via the information supplied at the time of registration. 



  • Council encourages dog owners to microchip their animals.
  • Microchipped animals are placed on a National register to enable easy identification. 

Dog Exercise Areas

  • Owners are welcome to use the following open areas for dog exercise: Lockheed Park, Casuarina Park and Katherine Show Grounds.
  • Owners are to ensure dogs are undereffective control at all times.


Dog Restricted Areas

  • Dogs are not permitted at the following areas: Low Level Park, Katherine Sports Grounds and Katherine Hot Springs.
  • These are public areas where families and community members can safely enjoy their activities.
  • Please respect and obey all signage.


Dogs at Large

  • It is the owner's responsibility to maintain their dog(s) under effective control.
  • Dogs wandering the street outside of the owner's property may attract an infringement.
  • DOGS MUST BE WALKED ON LEADS in public areas.


Dogs Causing A Nuisance 

  • Lonely or bored dogs are usually the worst barking offenders.
  • Council has information packages to assist owners with dog barking problems.
  • Please contact the Rangers on (08) 8972 5500 for further information or assistance.