Katherine Town Council

The Pound

If your dog does end up a prisoner at the Katherine Dog Pound you may want to bail him/her out.

 Please refer to the Katherine Town Council Fees and Charges for costings


Important Information

No concessions apply to pound fees, Pound fees must be paid before a dog is released along with registration and impounding fees if required. Dogs are kept for a maximum of four (4) working days, if dogs are not claimed after four (4) days they are sold or euthanased. Dogs are not released on the weekends.

Pound Location and Times

The Dog Impounding Kennels are located at:

Lot 2955 Chardon Street
Katherine East Industrial Area (Next to Mitre10)

Operating Hours

By appointment only - Use the intercom at depot to contact Council office to arrange an appointment

Pound is closed Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. A cage with a permanent supply of water is available to drop dogs into after hours.

Surrender of Dogs to the Pound - Registered Owners

That Council adopts the following as its Policy for the voluntary surrender of dogs to the Pound by registered owners:

  1. A fee is levied to assist in covering costs.
  2. A declaration form and proof of ownership must be signed by the owner(s) of the surrendered animal.
  3. The Council will accept only dogs of good health and well being.
  4. No dog that is apparently whelping or ‘in pup’ will be accepted.
  5. No dog shall be kept for more than four working days and, at the completion of which if the dog is not rehoused, the dog shall be euthanised (By-Law Section 40 - Destruction of Impounded Dogs).
  6. Any Dog will be impounded or released only during normal working hours of 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  7. This Policy will only be applicable to the owner of the dog, who wishes to surrender the animal.