Katherine Town Council

Waste Services

The Katherine Town Council Waste Transfer Station (Dump) is located on Novis Quarry Road, approximately 7km’s from the GPO along the Victoria Highway opposite the Rail Terminal.

The site provides users with all weather access to dispose of household, domestic, industrial and green waste into sunken waste bins from transfer bays. Oily rags, drained oil and drained oil filters are also accepted for disposal at the Katherine Waste Transfer Station; filters must be drained of oils prior to dumping. An oil disposal tanker is also on site at the facility where excess oil can be poured.

For your convenience, the Waste Transfer Station is OPEN:

Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

Public Holidays 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

The site is however CLOSED on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

General Public

All users are required to travel across the weighbridge after following the prompts from the traffic control lights, and turn right to access the transfer bays. Please read the signage and dispose of waste in the correct waste bins; this assists Council in the segregation of waste for recycling. For further information on recycling, please see Council's fact sheet on Garbage Collection & Recycling . There is no charge for the disposal of non-commercial waste ie; household etc, so after dumping your waste you are then able to drive out of the transfer site completing a loop. Please see the attached plan for further clarification.

Commercial / Industrial Users

Commercial and Industrial Users are required to pay, per tonne of waste for the use of the Transfer Station. Please follow the directions of the Waste Transfer Station staff as to the location where you may dispose of your commercial and industrial waste. After disposing of your waste you are then required to exit back over the weighbridge, to be re-weighed and settle the account for your company. For associated Fees and Charges relating to commercial waste disposal please click here.


The Katherine Town Council eagerly participates in industry stewardship initiatives run by Agstewardship Australia for the safe disposal and pollution reduction of chemicals and their containers.

drumMUSTER is the national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non-returnable crop protection and animal health chemical containers. An annual drumMUSTER is held at the Waste Transfer Station, however by prior arrangement drums are able to be dropped off at the site during business hours. For further information on this National initiative please visit www.drummuster.com.au/ Should you wish to participate in this scheme please contact the Council’s Works Department on 08 8972 5500.

ChemClear is also an Industry funded national program for the collection and disposal of unwanted currently registered rural chemicals. The objective of the program is to minimise the accumulation of unwanted rural chemicals on farms which may create potential risks to the environment, public health and trade. For more detailed information please visit www.chemclear.com.au or contact ChemClear directly on 1800 008 182.

For general information on the Council’s role within the community with regards to herbicides and weed eradication, please click the Use of Chemicals fact sheet.

Environmental Plan

The Katherine Town Council has also established an Environmental Plan for the Waste Transfer Station - should you wish to view this document, please contact Council's Works Administration Officer on 08 8972 5500.

The Waste Transfer Station is also licenced to accept asbestos that complies with NT Work Safe Authority regulations and legislation requirements. Please visit www.worksafe.nt.gov.au for clarification on these regulations. The disposal of asbestos is strictly by appointment only. Please contact Council’s Works Department on 08 8972 5500 to arrange for a suitable disposal time.

If you have any questions relating to the procedures or requirements for the Waste Transfer Station, please do not hesitate to contact the Katherine Town Council’s Works Department on 08 8972 5500.


Rubbish Bin Collection

Collection Day Put Bin Out Location
Tuesday Monday Night Katherine North (town), Florina Road
Wednesday Tuesday Night Katherine South (town), Zimmin Drive, Stuart Estate, Emungalan Road, Gorge Road, Stuart Highway (North), Victoria Highway
Thursday Wednesday Night Katherine East (town)
Friday Thursday Night Collins Road, Byers Road, Uralla Road, Stuart Highway (South), Binjari Community