Katherine Town Council

Katherine Town Council - "The Heart of Opportunity"

For Katherine to be recognised as the heart of opportunity in the Territory. By bringing Council, residents and business communities to work together in a co-operative and collaborative manner to achieve our vision.

Our Aims


  • To be an effective, efficient, pro-active,client centred organisation through quality improvement in CORPORATE activities


  • To protect, maintain (and develop) the PHYSICAL environment through efficient and cost effective use of human and other resources


  • To ensure the provision of SOCIAL and cultural services, which are responsive to community aspiration, through the encouragement, support and enhancement of community initiatives


  • To achieve regional ECONOMIC growth through planning, supporting and participating in activities that provide increased employment and business opportunities

Our Mission

  • To provide a quality environment for the people of the Katherine Region

Our Values


  • We will provide quality services that are continuously improving, focused on customer service and accountable to the community


  • We will listen to and respond to the needs of our community in a timely and consistent manner


  • We will strive to be leaders in Local Government by providing innovative services that are efficient and competitive

Community Involvement

  • We will consult with and encourage the community to be involved with the activities of council

Supportive Working Environment

  • We will provide a safe, friendly working environment that supports staff development

Healthy Council Area

  • We value a safe, clean, healthy environment for all and will facilitae a sustainable future for the town with a balance between social, cultural, heritage, environmental and economic factors

KTC Crest

The Katherine Town Crest was created by Pam Crelin.

The Rose
Sturt's Desert Rose is the emblem of the Northern Territory. It is shown at the top, on either side of the crest.
The Gorge
The Katherine Gorge is depicted in the top portion of the crest.
The Track
The centre section represents "The Track", the bitumen road running from Darwin to Alice Springs, through Katherine.
The Compass
The Compass on "The Track" denoted Katherine as the "Hub of the North".
The Waves
The two sets of waves denote the high and low levels of the Katherine River during the wet and dry seasons.
The Art
The crocodile and barramundi are hatch drawings in Aboriginal style.