Katherine Town Council

Elected Members (Aldermen)

The Council consists of six (6) Alderman and the Mayor. The Katherine Town Council area is not divided into wards.

Elections for Alderman and the Mayor are held every four years. In the instance of an Alderman resigning more than twelve months prior to a general election, a bi-election is held to replace that Alderman.

Elected Members Code of Conduct

Current Elected Members

Fay Miller

Mobile: 0407720511
Phone: (08) 8972 5500
Fax: (08) 8971 0305
Email: recordsSPAMFILTER@ktc.nt.gov.au

Fay's vision for Katherine: To make Katherine a place where people want to live, invest in business ventures, raise their family, retire or visit for a very enjoyable experience.

A little about Fay: We came to Katherine the last week of 1989 believing we would be here for around 4 years.  Within 4 years we knew this was home and went on to be involved in the tourism industry which I will always have a passion for.  I am now widowed with 2 daughters, 3 step daughters, a stepson and 12 beautiful grandchildren. 

I believe that wherever you live you must take some responsibility for the growth and development of that community at whatever level you are capable - be it a sporting association, community organistation, business development or local government.  I have always strived to that end.


Steven Rose

Mobile: 0488 566 408
Phone: (08) 8971 1800
Email: stevenroseSPAMFILTER@rosetekcomputers.com


Donald Higgins

Mobile: 0417 846 990
Phone: (08) 8972 0717
Email: donald.higginsSPAMFILTER@bigpond.com

Donald's vision for Katherine: To see Katherine grow to a population of about 12,000 people.  To do this we must encourage small business and a couple of big industries.  This population level will make Katherine a sustainable regional centre.

A little about Donald (Henry): My family and I came to Katherine in 1988 as part of the original 75sqn posting to Tindal. My family grew to love Katherine and the lifestyle.  I discharged in 1992 to remain in Katherine.  Vicki, myself and both our boys have enjoyed the opportunities given to us and being a member of Council is my way of giving something back to the community.


Elisabeth Clark

Phone: 08 8972 2180
Fax: 08 8972 2937
Email: clarkie15SPAMFILTER@bigpond.com

Lis's Vision For Katherine:   I would like to see another bridge so we are not relying on just one in the wet season.  A transport hub would also be important particularly when the trucking industry is growing all the time.  They need somewhere to eat, sleep and have other amenities that are easier to access than what is available at present.


A Little About Lis:  I have lived in Katherine since 1968, and have seen many changes take place in the town.  I am married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.  Most of my life has been involved with Horticulture, Landscaping and a Nursery for nearly 30 years.  This is my 2nd term on Council.  In my last term I was lucky enough to achieve my goal in getting the Liberty Swing for disabled children, and along with other Alderman the Dump Shop and hard stand shelters over the Play Park.  Our town is growing all the time and there are many more goals to achieve. 

The anti social behaviour still needs to be addressed.  The litter is improving because of the container deposit legislation and many non profit organisations are also benefiting from this.

We have a beautiful town and we need to improve all the time albeit one step at a time.  None of these things will happen without the people of the town having input into what they would like to see improved.  We also want to keep our unique culture and not end up being any other town as often happens with development.


Photo courtesy of Katherine Times.

Peter Gazey

Deputy Mayor
Phone: 8972 2601
Email: peter.gazeySPAMFILTER@ktc.nt.gov.au

Peter's Vision for Katherine: I would like to see the natural features of the area utilised more in everyday ways.  The river as it runs through town needs to become more utilised without losing its natural beauty.  The town needs to grow to a size that allows local businesses to be able to compete with larger towns so that Katherine becomes a supply hub for the region.  Development also needs to take place in areas that allow the rural lifestyle to continue in close proximity of the main town area.


A Little About Peter:  I am 48 years old, and have lived in Katherine for 17 years.  I have a young family of 3 sons, all at Clyde Fenton Primary School.  My wife and I are both Registered Nurses, and I have been running Binjari Health Service for over 10 years.  I co-facilitate childbirth, breast feeding and parenting sessions regularly at Katherine Hospital due to being passionate about the importance of the father's role.  Living on 40 acres allows our family to work towards a degree of self-sufficiency, while enjoying the fabulous climate and unique Katherine environment.

Toni Tapp-Coutts

Phone: 0419 839 033
Email: toni.tapp-couttsSPAMFILTER@ktc.nt.gov.au

Toni's Vision of Katherine: My vision for Katherine is for it to be a happy, safe place to live where everyone has equal opportunity and feels welcome and part of our community.

To achieve this means that Council must consult with, and listen to the community to meet  the aspirations and constant changes in a rapidly changing world