Katherine Town Council

Developer Contributions Plan

The Northern Territory Planning Act 2005 allows the Katherine Town Council to prepare and enforce a Developer Contributions Plan (Part 6, sections 67 – 74).

Where proposed developments are likely to put extra demands on existing infrastructure, the Planning Act requires the Developer to contribute towards the additional cost of capital works generated by development in that area.

The Developer Contributions Plan determines the amount of financial contributions to be made to Katherine Town Council for developments, as defined in the Planning Act 2005, within the Katherine Municipal Area.

Money paid by the Developer to the Katherine Town Council must be paid into a trust account within the meaning of the Local Government Act. Katherine Town Council must, within a reasonable timeframe, spend this money for the purpose of providing infrastructure in the policy area where the development is situated (Refer Planning Act, Section 72).

The first Developer Contribution Plan was prepared for Katherine Town Council in April 1997, and then reviewed again in July 2000. Since this time a new Planning Act has come into force as of 2005 and a new Planning Scheme was introduced in February 2007. Additionally, the Alice Springs to Darwin Railway cuts through the Katherine region impacting on future developments in certain areas. Coupled with these occurrences the 1% AEP Flood Level was also updated after the 1998 Flood and the 2006 Flood was classified as a 1:25 year event. The Katherine Municipal boundaries were also redefined in January 2008 with land development issues in the Katherine area affected by these changes.

Due to these changing circumstances a new plan was implemented in September 2008. This plan was updated further in 2010 with the current plan being gazetted on 30 June 2010.