Katherine Town Council

Development Guidelines

This document supersedes the previous edition of the Katherine Town Council Guidelines for Subdivisions in the Municipality.

The document is aimed at providing a clear, structured and practical set of requirements and procedures to assist developers, consultants and contractors involved with all forms of land development in which Council has a direct or indirect interest.

NB: Where reference is made to zoning specifications, the Katherine Town Plan 1981 should be read in conjunction with the Development Guidelines.

Developer Contributions Plan

The Northern Territory Planning Act 2005 allows the Katherine Town Council to prepare and enforce a Developer Contributions Plan (Part 6, sections 67 – 74).

Where proposed developments are likely to put extra demands on existing infrastructure, the Planning Act requires the Developer to contribute towards the additional cost of capital works generated by development in that area.

Should any further information or clarification be required please contact Council's Works Manager on 08 8972 5500.