Katherine Town Council

Tenders/Quotations and Policy/Guidelines


Prospective tenderers are reminded that the Conditions of Tender must be read in conjunction with the Conditions of Contract and Council’s Procurement, Contracts and Tenders Policy. The latter document outlines the assessment and Council’s reporting criteria of which the contractor should be aware, to view this policy click on the link below: 

The previous edition of the Katherine Town Council Guidelines for Subdivisions in the Katherine Municipality has been updated and is now known as the Katherine Town Council Development Guidelines. Prospective developers are advised that this document is applicable for both urban and rural subdivision developments, to view the guidelines click on the link below:

Tender documentation can be obtained through the Tenderlink E-Tender portal -  www.tenderlink.com/ktc. Hard copies of specifications for Tenders may be collected at Customer Services at the Civic Centre, Stuart Highway Katherine. Requests for electronic copies or any other enquiries should be referred to Council’s Works & Services Department on 08 8972 5500 or via email records@ktc.nt.gov.au.

Each Tender shall be accompanied by the Response Schedule and Schedule of Rates and be submitted on the forms required by the specifications; unless lodging electronically via the E-Tender portal. All Tenders must be enclosed in a sealed envelope endorsed with the specification of Tender Item Number and closing date and lodged at the place named in the advertisement or other invitation for Tenders by the date and time stated for closing Tender. Tenders may be lodge either by:

  • An Electronic Tender Box (ETB) via the E-Tender portal at www.tenderlink.com/ktc (each E-Tender will have its own unique ETB);
  • By hand into the Tender Box at the Civic Centre, Stuart Highway, Katherine;
  • By prepaid post, air freight or courier service to the Katherine Town Council at: PO Box 1071, Katherine NT 0851; or
  • By facsimile no: 08 8971 0305, provided: 
    • The facsimile includes complete details of the tendered price, any qualifications, conditions or alternatives applicable.
    • A conforming written tender has also been lodged for transmission by post, air freight or courier service before the date and time stated.
    • Details in the facsimile agree with those in the conforming Tender.


Tenders should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and marked for the attention of the Director Works and Services, unless otherwise stated.




Installation of LED Luminaires & Associated Equipment

Contract #: T16-17

Closing Date: 4 January 2017

Awarded to: Power Projects NT Pty Ltd

Value: $66,632.50 (GST Exclusive)

Cleaning of Katherine Visitor Information Centre - 12 Months

Contract #: T16-11

Closing Date: 24 June 2016

Awarded to: EZEKO Property Service Pty Ltc

Value: $14,146.89 (GST Exclusive)

Cleaning of Katherine Public Library - 12 Months

Contract #: T16-10

Closing Date: 24 June 2016

Awarded to: EZEKO Property Services Pty Ltd

Value: $17,146.96

Cleaning of Katherine Civic Centre - 12 Months

Contract #: T16-09

Closing Date: 24 June 2016

Awarded to: EZEKO Property Services Pty Ltd

Value: $23,151.96 (GST Exclusive)

Provision of Transactional Banking Services

Contract #: T16-08

Closing Date: 12 August 2016

Awarded to: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Value: $1,445.52 (GST Exclusive)



Katherine Town Council currently has no items for sale by Public Tender.  


Katherine Town Council currently has not Expressions of Interest.



Katherine Town Council currently has not Tenders or Quotations open.